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The Winners Circle

Build & scale your own agency to $50k p/m & completely transform every aspect of your life.


Winners circle?

The Winners Circle is Qasim Ackrim's Exclusive Mentorship Community for agency owners at any stage of their journey. It's been built to give an entrepreneur everything they could want to understand the business model, build their own agency & scale it past $50k p/m. As well as massively levelling up mindset, fitness, productivity & lifestyle.

The Winners Circle is hosted on a private discord and is ran as tight knit as it gets, with direct chat access to Qasim himself 24/7, weekly calls where you can have 1 on 1 time with Qasim for hours. And daily accountability systems in place to make sure you take action on your goals with your agency & all aspects of your life.

The exclusive community is limited to 100 agency owners and each member is approved by Qasim as well as the community to ensure we maintain the highest level & highest quality family in the agency industry. Everyone who joins the family like community becomes a brother/sister to Qasim & everyone else inside, we are vulnerable with each other, keep each other accountable and share anything that may benefit each other.

Along with our partnership & white-label network where vetted members of the community offer partnerships & white-label offers to fulfil all types of in demand services. Unlike every other program/course you are in direct contact with Qasim at all times, there are no 'coaches' you have to talk to. Qasim commits a large portion of his time to ensuring each one of the members are successful.

What is the

Agency Blueprint?

The Six-Figure Agency Blueprint is the most extensive, comprehensive & up to date program that has been built for the the agency industry. Produced through months of testing strategies, methods & frameworks through Qasim's own TikTok & UGC agency that's scaled from $0 to $80k in 7 months and with his personal mentees that have been signing $5-10k p/m clients regularly in a range of different offers.

plug & play

ClickUp workspace

The Blueprint comes with a custom built plug & play ClickUp workspace which will act as your platform to run every aspect of your agency on (a platform similar to Notion) as well as a custom built outreach hub to track & manage your outreach. As well as a platform to systemise & automate service delivery, creating a premium experience for your clients. Which makes running your agency feel like a game, removing the possibility of getting lost or bored when building your agency.

why qasim created the

Winners circle & six figure agency blueprint

Qasim has been in the SMMA industry for 4 years, he's seen every program & their communities some even costing $15-25k. And he was tired of seeing the amount of people coming to him saying they've been scammed.

And after he spent time with monks, he discovered that being of service to people through passing on his wisdom, teaching people how to scale their own agencies & unlock their potential was his calling and passion.

He also realised that he was the only one left in the industry still actively running an ultra successful 7-figure agency. And that anyone else with a course/program didn't run an agency anymore (sometimes never did) and they focus on selling old SMMA information that doesn't work anymore, by selling people on a dream.

So he decided to build the best program & the most tight knit community that is 10x more valuable but at a low price point compared to anything out there. Using the methods he has developed to scale his own agency from $0 to $80k p/m in 7 months.

Our process

The Winners Circle $50k p/m Agency in 12 Months Process


Reprogram your perspectives & build the strong foundations of your agency.

We'll start by reporgramming your perspective on the business model, to level you up far past a basic SMMA into a Growth Partner agency. We'll also go through a process where you gain complete clarity on the industry you want to work in & offer that you want to have.


Craft your winning offers & build your outreach infrastructure

In this step we'll craft the unique winning offers that will make even the biggest leads in your industry want to sign on and pay you $3-5k+ p/m. And then we'll build your entire client acquisition infrastructure that will conistently book in calls with qualified leads on autopilot.


Master your sales process and perfect your service delivery & client experience.

Next you'll master your sales process & sales skills to ensure that every qualified prospect you jump on call with is an easy close. And we'll then build your onboarding & client experience with the plug & play ClickUp systems to ensure that you're clients are always happy and client retention is 100%


Automate your agency & hire your A-team.

Last we'll build the systems to automate each part of your agency so you can focus on scaling. By having access to Qasim's exclusive SOP's & playbooks. We'll then hire your A-team to manage your client acquisition & service delivery to ensure your agency is ran like a well oiled machine primed to scale to $50-100k p/m in a year.

About the program

Who is the winners circle for?

If you are an agency owner that hasn't been getting results with other programs/courses and wants to refine your offer/outreach to start booking sales calls and signing $3-5k p/m clients.
You'll go through the Six-Figure Agency Blueprint & start implementing all of the action steps reporting back to Qasim for him to check you've reprogrammed your perspective on building your agency & that you're on the right path to start scaling rapidly.
If you are an agency owner that already has 1-3 clients and wants to break past $20-30k p/m.
You'll go through the Six-Figure Agency Blueprint & start implementing Qasim's unique client acquisition methods & sales process to start signing $5k p/m clients to break past $20k p/m in no time.
If you are an agency owner with clients but you have been stuck, looking for solutions on how to delegate your tasks, build a team and automate your agency so you can focus on scaling.
You'll go through the Six-Figure Agency Blueprint & start implementing Qasim's unique team building philosophy, with Qasim to help you on specific situations & you'll have the option of having a fully trained appointment setter placed to run your outreach for you.
If you are an agency owner that is at $3-10k p/m but feels drained & demotivated and you're ready to massively level up your mindset & lifestyle.
You'll go through 'The Secret to Unstoppable Productivity' E-book to completely reprogram your perspective & beliefs on life and start your '30 day unlock your potential challenge' implementing the action steps to make life-long lasting changes to your mindset & productivity. You'll then be able to talk with Qasim for any advice on a specific situation & keep accountable + celebrate the wins with the family.
If you want to understand the agency business model & choose your niche/services & craft your offer.
You'll go through 'The New Era of SMMA' guidebook which will walk you through what the business model is and what niche, service & offer to choose based on your preferences. Then you'll start going through and taking action on the Six-Figure Agency Blueprint to build & scale your agency, checking in with Qasim to make sure you're on the right path

what's included

You will get access to:

The Exclusive Community

Lifetime access to the community & family of winners ​

Specific chats for agency, mindset, health/fitness, books & more

24/7 access to Qasim via any of the chats for advice/questions on any aspect of life

Weekly calls with Qasim where you can have 1 on 1 time with him for hours.

Daily accountability systems

Mindset, Performance & health training

Exclusive calls with experts to teach you about a specific service/element to your agency & life

Friends for life from all around the world & a strong network of like minded winners.


Six-figure agency blueprint

The Program

Comprehensive walkthrough of each step to building & scaling your agency to $50k p/m

A plug & play ClickUp workspace (similar platform to Notion) to run your agency

Access to Qasim's sales calls

Access to Qasim to review your offer, outreach & sales assets.

Access to comprehensive service delivery playbooks for every in demand service (TikTok Ads, UGC Creatives, Short-Form content editing, Social media management + so many more...)

A custom built outreach hub to track & manage your outreach

Access to the network of service delivery experts to seek advice from, partner with clients or white-label service delivery

Optional: Have a fully trained appointment setter placed in your agency by Qasim to run your outreach for you

Optional: Have a fully trained appointment setter placed in your agency by Qasim to run your outreach for you


The results mentees are getting

JOIN THE Family of winners

How can you join the winners circle?

You can join The Winners Circle with 3 levels of access. The higher you go the more 1 on 1 it will be with Qasim as your mentor, meaning the closer connection you'll have with him & the quicker you will see results and change your life.

Gold Access

(optional split payment via Klarna & Afterpay)

Diamond Access

(optional split payment via Klarna & Afterpay)

VIP Access with the Transformation season Mentorship program

Qasim's Personal recommendation if you are committed to completely changing your life and scaling your agency to $50k p/m & beyond.

(optional split payment via Klarna & Afterpay)


What mentees are saying



Frequently asked questions

I've bought other courses and didn't see success, What's different about the winners circle?

Qasim built the WC & the blueprint for that exact reason, he had so many agency owners coming to him asking for help after being scammed. So he decided to spend months building the most up to date & comprehensive blueprint on how to build and scale an agency in 2023. From scaling his own 2 agencies as well as over 10 of his mentees' agencies. As well as the blueprint, you have 24/7 access to Qasim as well as weekly calls, where as every other program you only have access to some random 'coach' but never the actual founder. Qasim is the only one left in the industry that is still actively scaling his agencies, all of the gurus gave up their agency to coach full time.

I really want to join but I can't afford the full amount right now, what should I do?

That's not a problem, Qasim has made joining easily accessible to people that are ready to take action & scale their agency. There are payment plan options available via klarna and after pay which you'll find on the link. If they are not available in your country please contact Qasim on instagram @qasim.ackrim and tell him your situation, he'll do what he can to give you this opportunity before the spots are filled up.

Miguel, [13/09/23 14:06]
awesome, I'll update u soon

What entry option should I go for right now?

Qasim strongly recommends to select the option where you can have calls with him, so he can make sure you are scaling as quick as possible and don't make any mistakes. As he can be flexible, if you have any specific questions please DM Qasim on Instagram @qasim.ackrim

How much access will I have to Qasim?

That will depend on the level of access you select, as with the gold & diamond access you'll have access to him via our discord chat and our weekly community calls. But with VIP level access you will have direct 1 on 1 access to Qasim via a telegram chat with him and you. Where he can respond to any question you have with a voice note.

Is there a limit to how many people can join?

Yes Qasim has set the limit to 100 members as he wants to protect the exclusive strategies & frameworks that he shows you in the program as well as ensuring that the quality of the community is extremely high and tight knit. There is no other community like The Winners Circle, it's not ran as a business where the founder tries to remove himself. Qasim is and will always be there to talk to about anything, as well as the family in the community to grow with and keep accountable with.

What is the process after I join?

When you join you'll be sent an email including the onboarding links as well as links to join the private discord community & access to the six-figure agency blueprint. From there you introduce yourself in the community and you can get to know everyone in the family. Qasim will also reach out to you to set up your kick off call to get you started.